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Magic Kitchen Camp: Where English and Fun Collide!

Magical Cooking Camp: English Adventure for Kids in Milanówek! 🎉🍳🔮🇺🇸

This year, magical cooking day camps are happening in Milanówek - 90 Królewska Street! 🎉🍳🔮🇺🇸 These activities will be super fun for kids who speak English too! 


At the camp, we'll be learning English through fun activities! Sessions run from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM! Guaranteed super fun! ❤️🥰🇺🇸 In the summer, we're preparing delicious, magical day camps where we'll learn English, perform magic, and have a great time! Learning English is crucial for our children's future! Our course aims to prepare them for the challenges of the international world and starting their education in English-speaking schools. 🌍📝 Sign your child up for a week, two, or more; each week is unique, and we try to tailor it to children's interests. 


Price includes:

- Supervision from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ❤️

- Fun with teachers and animators who conduct activities in English 🧚🏻‍♀️👩‍🏫

- Plenty of informal English communication with caregivers 🤩

- Cooking/DIY workshops

- Lots of board games 🎭🎲

- Daily outdoor games and activities in the park 

- 6 hours of diverse English language activities per day, ensuring intensive learning and practice 📚👧👦

- Small group sessions

- Catering (lunch + afternoon snack)


Activities for:

- Children aged 5-7, 8-9, 10-12! Workshops are divided into groups by age, topic, or skill level. 


Objective of the English course:

The course aims to prepare children for foreign trips or starting their education in English-speaking schools. Students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with teachers' instructions to feel comfortable in new environments in the future.


What will we do during the course and what will we learn?

🗣️ We will develop communication skills for expressing needs, requests, and asking questions in English.

🌟 We will learn to communicate in everyday situations, which will help us in fluent English use.

👩‍🍳 We will participate in culinary and DIY workshops, where we will discover culinary and creative talents.

🎨 We will experience the joy of creating with art projects and participating in board games that develop creativity and logical thinking.

💬 We will learn to effectively respond to messages and tasks in English, gaining confidence in communication.

📚 We will acquire and practice new vocabulary in many ways, expanding our language skills.

🌳 We will spend time outdoors, enjoying the charms of nature and integrating into outdoor activities.

😊 We will experience many positive emotions during art workshops, making learning even more enjoyable.

🎓 Our teachers, through daily activities, will prepare children for external Cambridge exams: Flyers, KET, and PET, as well as for the eighth-grade exam, practicing vocabulary and phrases used in exams.


Learning English during our day camps is not only necessary but also great fun! 📚🎈 Why? Because we have a great time, perform magic, and develop our communication skills! 🗣️🌟


As part of the activities, we offer many interesting activities such as:

Cooking 🍳

DIY: Making musical instruments from natural materials 🎶🌿

Potion making: Creating simple, non-toxic potions with colorful liquids 💧🧪

Lava Lamp - DIY 💡

Dance classes

Decorating magical hats 🎩✨

Best costume contest 🏅

Board game tournament 🎲

Magical snacks 🍬

Magic painting 🎨

Pizza time 🍕

Treasure hunt 🏆🗺️


Schedule and Price:

PLN 290/1 day

PLN 1090/5-day package *until April 10th, PLN 890/5 days

Activities from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Course Schedule:

June 24-29 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

July 1-5 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

July 8-12 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

July 15-19 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

July 20-26 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

August 5-9 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

August 19-23 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days

August 26-30 *until April 15th, PLN 890/5 days


Course program for teenagers 13+:

Półkolonie - Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Milanówek

Every day is a new challenge. From experimenting with chemistry, sensory activities, arts and crafts, construction challenges, logic games, outdoor games, escape rooms, photography sessions, to outdoor excursions (all in the nearby park), building giant mazes, cooking classes, to sports games and activities.


Supervision before 8:00 and after 17:00, 35 PLN / each started hour

Individual English language classes, 100 PLN / 60 min​​. Please inform us before starting the courses.

Important information:

Reservation fee 300 PLN

Participants are required to have valid insurance, e.g., school insurance.

Please bring with you:

Please bring (during the day camp): slippers, second breakfast, water - provisions for the picnic (preferably in a bag or backpack), pencil case, mosquito and tick repellent, backpack, comfortable sports shoes (closed), change of clothes (during art projects or outdoor activities, children may need spare clothes in case of getting wet), rain gear (galoshes, raincoat) - items can stay in the facility for the week.

Wypełniając formularz zgadzasz się na przetwarzanie swoich danych osobowych. Jest to niezbędne aby skorzystać z naszych kursów. Prosimy o zapoznanie się z informacjami dotyczącymi przetwarzania Twoich danych .

At our summer camps, we guarantee loads of fun and unforgettable adventures! We welcome children from Milanówek and other nearby towns, such as Pruszków, Brwinów, Nadarzyn, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and Podkowa Leśna. 🌞🌳🎉 Whether you're a native English speaker or just starting to learn the language, our camps offer an immersive environment where everyone can improve their English skills while having a blast. 🇬🇧✨

Our activities are carefully designed to engage children of all ages and interests. From exciting experiments and creative arts and crafts to challenging construction tasks and logic games, there's something for everyone. We also organize outdoor excursions to the nearby park, where children can explore nature and enjoy the fresh air. 🌿🎨🏞️

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